Despite E-mail, No Change in Smoking Policy

In the Daily Student Announcements on October 30, 2007 there was a message from Dr. Frank Ardaiolo urging students to know and follow the smoking policy. Too bad this message does nothing more than send a reminder to a community that is knowingly ignoring this policy.



Fine the Laundry Offenders

We’ve heard a lot of people complain about laundry at Winthrop. Not that it’s free (because that is great), where it is, or even that it can be hard to find an open machine sometimes. People must realize that free is always good in this case, there’s not really any other place to put it unless Winthrop made a giant laundry room for the entire campus, and a good time for one person to do laundry is probably a good time for lots of other people as well.

Really, nothing can be done about these problems. So any complaining heard is just a result of frustration. And the students seem to understand that.

What can’t be understood is how people can get away with leaving clothes in the washer and dryer.


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