A Possible Conclusion to the Tax Issue With Cafe Cash

I was informed by someone who wishes to remain anonymous of a rather interesting conversation with someone rather high up in Dining Services.

This student asked why we have been told that Cafe Cash is tax free and then charged tax on items, and was told that Cafe Cash should not be charged tax. This student was also told that the number found on a student ID could be used instead of receipts in order to remedy the problem.



What Part of ‘Tax Free’ Is Missing?

Firstly, I would like to apologize for the lack of posts over the past few days. But we have something that I think will make up for that.

One of the things that we were told on our campus tour, during orientation, Welcome Week our freshman year, and when looking at pages such as the Winthrop University Cafe Cash page and Campus Dish is that you will receive an 8% discount when you use Cafe Cash instead of some other form of money. However, this does not seem to be the case. Which begs the question, if students are being given an 8% discount where is it? And if not, why does everyone in the university insist on telling us that the discount exists?


Aren’t Construction Areas For Constructing?

I always thought that construction areas were for construction, or at least for destruction. Either way works, as long as there are people actually working I don’t have a problem with it. But whenever I walk by the construction areas on Winthrop’s campus, I never see anyone working.

Granted, I don’t always pay too much attention to what’s going on in there. And I don’t go by these construction areas unless I’m going somewhere else. But you’d think that there would be someone working every once in a while.


Learn How To Drive

Walking around campus at Winthrop can range from dangerous to horrific. And the best part is that it isn’t a problem that Winthrop itself has, it’s the students endangering themselves.

Speed is an issue, just like everywhere else there are traffic problems. People whip around corners without paying attention to who might be looking to cross the street. They tear down the street at speeds more suited for the highway.


Despite E-mail, No Change in Smoking Policy

In the Daily Student Announcements on October 30, 2007 there was a message from Dr. Frank Ardaiolo urging students to know and follow the smoking policy. Too bad this message does nothing more than send a reminder to a community that is knowingly ignoring this policy.


Take Down Your Mess!

On Friday afternoon there was an event which took place on the grassy area near Kinard and Bancroft. As far as most people can tell, nobody knows what the event was. But that is hardly important right now.

What is important is that on Sunday afternoon the tents, table, and chairs were still sitting on the lawn taking up space.


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Headlines Should Give Information

Winthrop has a way of communicating with the students called Daily Student Announcements. On the surface there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with this. And in fact, the system is a good one. It’s a way for students to send a message that they think everyone will want to see. Too bad the people utilizing this service don’t understand the basics of communication.


Teach Us to be Green By Being a Good Example

One of Winthrop’s biggest goals seems to be teaching its students the importance of living the green lifestyle. And there is almost no way that saving resources and using less energy can be a bad thing. Most of the time Winthrop does a good job with this. Last year green cleaning products were freely given to any student who wanted them. And although the effectiveness of these products can be debated, the effort cannot.

Too bad Winthrop doesn’t take this same approach when it comes to water.


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A Lesson in Hypocrisy

Winthrop is a relatively smoke free campus. University policy states this here. Tour guides tell prospective students this. Everyone seems to know this fact. Everyone that is, except Winthrop University. A good step was taken with the implementation of smoking benches, but it fell far short of what needed to be done.

One of the many complaints heard is about the placement of these benches. The smoking side argues that there are not enough of these benches and that the ones that do exist are tucked away where they won’t ruin the image of the university, and thus can’t be as easily used. The nonsmokers counter that some of the more popular spots on campus have been taken and turned into a smoke filled wasteland.


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Fine the Laundry Offenders

We’ve heard a lot of people complain about laundry at Winthrop. Not that it’s free (because that is great), where it is, or even that it can be hard to find an open machine sometimes. People must realize that free is always good in this case, there’s not really any other place to put it unless Winthrop made a giant laundry room for the entire campus, and a good time for one person to do laundry is probably a good time for lots of other people as well.

Really, nothing can be done about these problems. So any complaining heard is just a result of frustration. And the students seem to understand that.

What can’t be understood is how people can get away with leaving clothes in the washer and dryer.


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