What Do You Want in Winthrop Sucks?

With the end of the semester approaching and exams now soon enough for the average student to worry about them comes the end of a semester of Winthrop Sucks.

This semester for us has been the laying of a foundation for things to come. We’ve hit big stories and flops that you can measure about any way you want. We’ve had stories where Winthrop seemed to do as we asked, and where nothing happened. Yes, when Winthrop seemed to listen it was probably just a coincidence. But maybe not.

The question now is, where would you like Winthrop Sucks to focus in the future? Is there a particular type of story you want to see more of? Is there a type that we should just never do again?

Please let us know in the comments. And remember: you might not write Winthrop Sucks, but you do have a big influence on what happens on it.

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