A Possible Conclusion to the Tax Issue With Cafe Cash

I was informed by someone who wishes to remain anonymous of a rather interesting conversation with someone rather high up in Dining Services.

This student asked why we have been told that Cafe Cash is tax free and then charged tax on items, and was told that Cafe Cash should not be charged tax. This student was also told that the number found on a student ID could be used instead of receipts in order to remedy the problem.



Nancy Drew and the Missing Cafe Cash

For many people, eight percent of a bill isn’t that big of a deal. It’s something you don’t notice, a mild irritation. This is what has happened with our café cash system. Students are told that café cash is tax free, however, upon coming to the university and using café cash, they find out it isn’t. Big deal, there are more important things to worry about.

But are there?

Over the course of a semester, (as stated in the article before this) at the very least $17,000 is lost in tax revenue for café cash. This does not include commuters, people who purchase more café cash, or faculty. So, now that we know this money is gone, where is it going- and more importantly- WHY didn’t anyone notice where it went?


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Thomson: A More Balanced Evaluation

Over the past two issues of The Johnsonian, there has been a small debate over the quality of food expected and received in Thomson. First there was Mike Stocz’s article about how it needs to be better, then Lauren Shannon’s about how it’s fine the way it is. Since both articles are over the top and very obviously slanted to the writer’s opinion, this is going to analyze each of them.


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Which Way Does the Grill Line Go in Thomson?

Somebody needs to set up a direction for the grill line in Thomson. Most of the time that is one of the more popular lines, and yet it is so unorganized it’s not even funny.

The problem probably started when the line for hamburgers or grilled cheese or something of that sort got so long that it blocked the sandwich lines. Well, either that or the ketchup and mustard were put in a corner where you would have to cut through the line in order to get to them.


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Why Not Help Out the Visitors?

Today, a giant swarm of high schoolers descended upon Winthrop, they were everywhere. Blocking the sidewalks. Not looking before they crossed the street. Disrupting class as they take tours of the academic buildings. It was crazy.


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