Who Decides On Award Winners?

It was announced yesterday that Mike Lipscomb would receive the James Pinckney Kinard and Lee Wicker Kinard Award for Excellence in Teaching, which goes to a professor who has shown a dedication to teaching and is well liked by faculty and students.

Um,… what?



Art Classes for Not Art Kids

We here at Winthrop Sucks have heard comments from people suggesting that we hate Winthrop, mostly stemming from the fact that we haven’t really had any positive articles here. And while this one might not be seen as 100% positive by our critics, they will have to admit that it isn’t 100% negative either.

Winthrop is an art school, albeit one that has other areas of study as well. Despite the fact that it started as a teacher school and is still about the best in the country in that program, it’s an art school. Student art can be seen all around campus, and is usually much better than what the school pays for (ie that new fountain). The only problem is that to take any of the art classes, you have to either be an art major or have really good connections.


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The CVPA: Visual Arts Edition… the Good, the Bad, the Split.

…an article inspired by the lovely signs posted in RUTL (which was inspired by a non-art major)… but don’t worry… this was written by someone who knows what they’re talking about (at least, sort of).


The Good (or, the part where Winthropsucks pats Winthrop on the back):

1. Quality Majors: As a Visual Arts major at Winthrop, I think it’s safe to say that there are a lot of great things about our various programs and departments. The whole reason I started looking at Winthrop was its high quality art programs (that in some cases can compete with much more expensive institutions such as SCAD) for a relatively low price. Certified BFA is rare for such low prices, and I believe that the upkeep of the administrations is one of the really admirable things the administration does.


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