Art Classes for Not Art Kids

We here at Winthrop Sucks have heard comments from people suggesting that we hate Winthrop, mostly stemming from the fact that we haven’t really had any positive articles here. And while this one might not be seen as 100% positive by our critics, they will have to admit that it isn’t 100% negative either.

Winthrop is an art school, albeit one that has other areas of study as well. Despite the fact that it started as a teacher school and is still about the best in the country in that program, it’s an art school. Student art can be seen all around campus, and is usually much better than what the school pays for (ie that new fountain). The only problem is that to take any of the art classes, you have to either be an art major or have really good connections.

We think that having some art classes designed for non-majors would be beneficial to the entire student body. We have spoken to a number of students who would like to take an art class besides Drawing without having to be an art major.

However, we do see the problems in making this happen. One of them is the professors. Will they have enough free time to be able to add another course to their workload? Would they be able to tone down the criticism since these students are taking the class for basic knowledge instead of training to be professional artists? These are questions that can only be answered from within the CVPA.

Resources are another potential issue. Are there enough empty rooms to house the classes? Do we have enough art materials to provide for the students who wish to take the class? Art majors have to buy many of their own supplies, to what extent would this be true for other students taking these “fun” classes?

Interest in taking the class is another issue. Our poll was very informal and was very biased in its sample. Would these same feelings that we found still be true when asked of the entire student body?

These questions are something that we and the CVPA should investigate. There is a strong enough interest to explore the idea, and I challenge the CVPA to either make this happen or give good reasons why it can’t.

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  1. It’s interesting how all of your stories are from an Art major’s prospective. While there’s nothing wrong with that, there is certainly more to Winthrop than the Art department.

    I have a feeling that the College of Visual and Performing Arts is essentially the red-headed stepchild in Dr. D’s book.

  2. I find it interesting that you think that when in fact most of the stories don’t have a major specific perspective. How does the taxed Cafe Cash fit in as coming from an art major?

    In fact, how does this article even fit in as coming from an art major? Because it comes from someone who isn’t an art major but realizes that the art department is going to have to be the one teaching these classes.

  3. You can take some art classes without being an art major. Maybe you should check your facts first. I’ve had non-art majors in a few of the classes I’ve taken at WU. They, inevitably, thought it would be a cakewalk and had a new respect for art majors by the end of it.

  4. Art is not a cakewalk, and to teach art classes for “fun” would be a kind of mockery of art and especially the program. I can’t see many of the professors in the department wanting to teach a class like this. Maybe, but I’m not sure how likely it would be. Also, most classes are quite specific as far as their area of study (drawing, painting, ceramics, web design, etc etc) there is not a general “art class” and if there was, I’m not sure fun it could be.

    If this does ever happen though, they should get Martyka to teach it, if anyone. Oh joy.

  5. A general art class, “Intro into Fine Arts”. I was told “you have to get special permission” to get into the class without being an art major. As an undeclared trying to find my way, how can I try to find my passion if I cannot even take an intro class?

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