A Possible Conclusion to the Tax Issue With Cafe Cash

I was informed by someone who wishes to remain anonymous of a rather interesting conversation with someone rather high up in Dining Services.

This student asked why we have been told that Cafe Cash is tax free and then charged tax on items, and was told that Cafe Cash should not be charged tax. This student was also told that the number found on a student ID could be used instead of receipts in order to remedy the problem.

There was also a comment found on the other day’s article saying that we were mistaken in our conclusion that students are supposed to get tax free Cafe Cash. Well hildebrantm, if whoever told us this is wrong then the higher ups who work in Dining Services have no idea what they’re talking about. Also, I would assume that we already pay tax on the Cafe Cash when we paid for it the first time. If this is the case, then it makes no sense to charge us tax again.

And as a side note, we don’t appreciate you deleting the comment we left on your blog. It was nothing malicious or bad in any way. You asked a question, we answered it. But it wouldn’t surprise us if Winthrop has their hand in your blog’s activities and you had no choice but to delete the comment.

But back to the subject at hand. Since we have from someone higher up in Dining Services that you can tell them the number on your ID card and have this problem remedied, we are suggesting that on Thursday everyone who uses Cafe Cash (be they faculty, staff, or students) go to 112 Thomson and get back the money that was wrongly taken.


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