Learn How To Drive

Walking around campus at Winthrop can range from dangerous to horrific. And the best part is that it isn’t a problem that Winthrop itself has, it’s the students endangering themselves.

Speed is an issue, just like everywhere else there are traffic problems. People whip around corners without paying attention to who might be looking to cross the street. They tear down the street at speeds more suited for the highway.

But pedestrians aren’t helping matters at all. They walk in front of cars expecting them to stop since pedestrians have the right of way. That is, if they’re paying attention to where the cars are at all and not completely engrossed in their cell phone conversation.

But the biggest problem is the crosswalks. Drivers don’t look before going through them. Pedestrians don’t make sure they won’t get hit by a giant moving piece of metal. Parking spots make it hard to see if a car is coming without putting yourself in harm’s way anyway.

The ones crossing Oakland Avenue are the worst. The crossing signals come while people are allowed to turn, and most drivers seem to just go and hope people get out of the way. I’m waiting for the day where a blind person tries cross the street with the crossing signal and ends up getting hit because a driver wasn’t paying attention.


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  1. This definitely isn’t unique to your school. I’ve been on five different campuses that have the same problem – ignorant pedestrians and drivers. It’s insane.

    Interesting blog, by the way.

  2. I never thought it would be this bad though. I had an idea that the drivers could possibly not pay attention to everything, but I thought that pedestrians would at least pay attention so they wouldn’t die.

    And thank you, I’m glad that you enjoy it.

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