Despite E-mail, No Change in Smoking Policy

In the Daily Student Announcements on October 30, 2007 there was a message from Dr. Frank Ardaiolo urging students to know and follow the smoking policy. Too bad this message does nothing more than send a reminder to a community that is knowingly ignoring this policy.

The reminder was a good gesture, that cannot be taken away from Winthrop’s Vice President of Student Life. The big problem is that this e-mail does not say anything that is not already on the books.

The policy still says that enforcing the smoking policy is the job of the building managers, which does nothing for people walking in areas that are not obviously connected to a building.

Outside of a building’s area, “students, employees, faculty, staff and visitors share the responsibility of following and politely encouraging compliance with the policy.” Which again means that Winthrop is advertising a policy that they have no intention to enforce.

For those who fail to follow the policy “may be subject to disciplinary action for noncompliance with University policies.” Which leaves open the possibility for Winthrop to selectively enforce these disciplinary actions on individuals who

The one good point of the policy is that campus police can be summoned if someone refuses to comply with this policy. But while I doubt that campus police will make many calls in which they’ll become the smoking police, I doubt even more that the person who causes the police to come will stay around long enough for campus police to arrive and actually see who is in violation of the policy.

It was said here and it will be said again. If Winthrop wants to become a smoke free campus then the least they can do is make covered structures so people can smoke in the rain. If Winthrop wants to have an even bigger impact then enclosed structures are the way to go. Also, university officials need to take a hand in enforcing this policy. It would be a great thing if President DiGiorgio would walk around campus and forcefully tell (not politely ask) people to stop smoking. And yes, that includes people employed by the university as well as students.


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  1. This makes me lose more respect for the president’s office. Why can’t they just enforce the policy instead of passing the responsability to everyone else?

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  5. I was around for the year or so of the smoking policy. Winthrop and WUPD have no real grounds to enforce the outdoor smoking policy. It was a huge debate, to which no real solution was taken other then to throw it onto the building managers/the community. At the time even non-smoker undergrads were complaining that it was unfair to smokers with out real places to smoke. So i am guessing the debate is raging on

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