Thomson: A More Balanced Evaluation

Over the past two issues of The Johnsonian, there has been a small debate over the quality of food expected and received in Thomson. First there was Mike Stocz’s article about how it needs to be better, then Lauren Shannon’s about how it’s fine the way it is. Since both articles are over the top and very obviously slanted to the writer’s opinion, this is going to analyze each of them.

Thomson As Seen by Mike Stocz

Yes, opening at 7:30 am causes a problem for students with 8:00 classes. But how many students with a class then want to eat breakfast that early? If the demand isn’t there, then why give a supply? Thomson changes its hours based on when people want to be there.

Yes, breakfast could be better. But part of that comes with the method of purchasing. It is cheaper to buy the food that way. Sadly cheaper usually means less appetizing.

There’s always going to be a busy time and nothing can be done about that. Noon and 6 pm are traditionally lunch and dinner time, and students will make a schedule accordingly. The lines can be long, but there are always other lines. You might have to give up your first meal choice, but sometimes that is just something that has to be done.

Yes, having more people serving food would make things go faster. Or it could make things slower since people would get in each other’s way. I think the number of people we have serving is fine.

Yes, there should always be someone at the scan in stations. A sign is a nice gesture, but since we can no longer just walk through Thomson and get to the other side this sign also means that you have to leave and go around the building just to get in line to scan in to get food.

Actually, don’t make more hot wings. They’re dry. Wait, there’s an idea… Why not stop having dry meat?

But having a constant supply of things that people like makes sense. If people want it, have it there. Pizza, chocolate milk, anything.

And people mess up making the food calender, or items are run out of. This weekend the schedule said they would have corn dogs but hot dogs were served instead. It happens.

Thomson As Seen By Lauren Shannon

If you leave your post unattended at a job somewhere else you can be fired. It’s that simple, and here is no different.

And again, if the demand is there it makes sense to offer a supply. Milk isn’t made anyway, not even the chocolate variety. It comes in a bag which is put into the machine.

As for the pizza, pepperoni and cheese are always popular. Go ahed and experiment with other options, but have something that people like.

The Scandal’s comment was way out of line. No excuse for that.


In short, both parties see Thomson as an extreme when in fact it is full of good ideas that are implemented in bad ways. Yes, there is room for improvement. And yes, some of those improvements are common sense things that should never have been a problem in the first place. But it is not nearly as good or as bad as either party wishes you to think.

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  1. I loved the way they had Thomson last year? Why did they have to go change it around anyway?

  2. Since both articles are over the top and very obviously slanted to the writer’s opinion

    It is an Opinion page…..
    Look up the word Chap.

  3. Actually, the second article in the Johnsonian was a response to an opinion article.
    By the way, thanks for taking the time to read our page and have an opinion about it.
    Awesome name, man


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