Take Down Your Mess!

On Friday afternoon there was an event which took place on the grassy area near Kinard and Bancroft. As far as most people can tell, nobody knows what the event was. But that is hardly important right now.

What is important is that on Sunday afternoon the tents, table, and chairs were still sitting on the lawn taking up space.

Never mind that this weekend was rainy weather in Rock Hill. There is no reason to leave a mess out in an area where students partake in a multitude of activities ranging from football to karate to studying. Yes, there is nothing much that can be done when an event is planned and executed in a space. But would it be too hard to clean up after yourself? And next time, a little warning would be nice.

It will have to be seen if this monstrosity is still there come Monday morning.

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  1. They’re always disruptive and pick the worst times to do construction. No surprise there.

  2. I had a class in Bancroft and they were really disruptive… and, best of all, they waited until classes on mon. to take them down. w00t.
    although, it makes me want to know what the event was….

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