Fine the Laundry Offenders

We’ve heard a lot of people complain about laundry at Winthrop. Not that it’s free (because that is great), where it is, or even that it can be hard to find an open machine sometimes. People must realize that free is always good in this case, there’s not really any other place to put it unless Winthrop made a giant laundry room for the entire campus, and a good time for one person to do laundry is probably a good time for lots of other people as well.

Really, nothing can be done about these problems. So any complaining heard is just a result of frustration. And the students seem to understand that.

What can’t be understood is how people can get away with leaving clothes in the washer and dryer.

Leaving clothes in the machines might not seem like such a big deal, but it is. In Richardson and Wofford there are 8 washers and 8 dryers to share between about 800 students when the buildings are at full capacity. Which means that on average, leaving clothes in the machine is being extremely rude to about 99 people.

It seems that Winthrop has no policy regarding this problem at all. A look at the Residence Life Laundry page is no help either. It hasn’t been updated since 2004 and still says that students have to pay for laundry.

Why not? Wouldn’t it make sense for Winthrop to charge the students for leaving clothes in the machines? There is a fee for having guests who aren’t signed in after 8 pm, so some would argue that there is a precedent for questionable fee collecting.

Yes, it would be hard to enforce. Someone would need to pay attention to when the machine ended its cycle, know who put clothes in the machine, and think of something both punishing and fair to do with the clothes and to the student. This would present the biggest problem since there isn’t an easy and effective way to know how many times the student has committed this heinous offense. And if you go on a sliding scale even more problems arise, like what happens when the dark load falls into the warning level and the light load enters the punishment level.

In the end, it will take students policing themselves to fix the problem because it is highly unlikely that Winthrop will do anything about it. Which means that if you that someone left clothes in a machine, take the clothes out and put them on one of the tables that are in every laundry room. Don’t fold them or stack them, that just reinforces the behavior. Instead, put them into messy piles that are obviously separate (because it is almost impossible to tell if two machines have clothes belonging to the same person). The clothes will surely get wrinkled, but that’s the punishment for leaving clothes in the machine. If clothes are left in the washer do the same thing. It will be even better if the person comes back to find wet underwear sitting on the table waiting.

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  1. And you’d think that girls would be better about getting their clothes. But no, they’re worse than the guys.

  2. I don’t see a big problem. I just take people’s clothes out of the washer/dryer if it’s done with the cycle and put mine in.

  3. That’s really all I’m saying. I’d just like to Winthrop follow its philosophy of placing a fee on everything possible in order to get more money.

  4. i don’t go to winthrop, nor do i even live in South Carolina, but i just wanted to compliment you on this blog. i was thinking of applying to winthrop, and this blog is a great resource in finding out more without visiting.Kudos!

    P.S. if i was cranky enough, i would just dump the offender’s clothes on the floor. but that’d be much too mean.

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