Why Not Help Out the Visitors?

Today, a giant swarm of high schoolers descended upon Winthrop, they were everywhere. Blocking the sidewalks. Not looking before they crossed the street. Disrupting class as they take tours of the academic buildings. It was crazy.

But you can’t really blame them, they were just following the example set by those people showing them around. The tour guides managed to stop at just about every spot on the campus sidewalks that left no room to walk around. They lead the groups right in front of students on their way to class. It was a mess.

But the worst part was trying to get lunch. We understand that more people in Thomson means that lines will be longer and students might need to skip out on food they normally would gobble up.

The worst part though was that no one told these high school kids how Thomson works. The number of people over heard asking where to take trays and dirty dishes was unbelievable. It was hard enough for the returning students to figure out where to take trays. How did they expect visitors to figure it out?

To make things even better, many of these ungrateful little children decided that leaving trays on the table was a good idea. What? Is this how things work at the high school these kids attend? And if so, how bad is the world going to be when they get to be the leaders?

Yes, the children were not very well behaved. And there’s no excuse for that. But can you really expect anything better when those who are supposedly in charge aren’t acting much better?

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  1. I know, weren’t they a giant pain? The worst part was that these little kids were walking around acting like they owned everything. Come on, if you’re going to visit somewhere have some respect!

  2. Hey, don’t be too angry- we were all high schoolers once- don’t be too hard on them. I’m sure there are some college kids who don’t properly take care of their trays.

    and it’s really not too hard to walk around large clumps of high schoolers. And there’s the added bonus of all of them looking at you as a “real live college student”.

  3. That’s the thing though, the high schoolers were as good as the example set for them. And that’s just poor form on Winthrop’s part.

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