Does Dr. Ardaiolo Approve of Underage Drinking?

The following quote was pulled directly from an all student email sent to Winthrop students.

Please be a good neighbor, and if you drink, PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

Please notice the lack of any mention of following the law.

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Funny Ways to Find Winthrop Sucks.

Search engines are a bit odd. And what they find will usually bring out some rather interesting results. So in the spirit of fun, here are some of the things you can search Google for and find Winthrop Sucks. Keep in mind that real people are doing this, I’m pulling them straight from the ‘Blog Stats’ page provided by WordPress. Also, these are in no particular order. So don’t think that being higher or lower on the list actually means anything.

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Finally, A Warning When Opening a PDF

You’ll have to excuse my ignorance if this has been going on for a while, but I got some great news when I logged into Wingspan earlier today. Why I did that in the first place will remain a mystery (let’s just say that class I’ve been watching like the Rock Band demo at Best Buy hasn’t opened up), so let’s not think about that.

My biggest complain about PDF has always been that it requires a separate program read something. I haven’t figured out why someone who has already taken the time to type something out and has alloted the time to put it on the internet would want to take extra time to turn it into a PDF. For that matter, I haven’t figured out why they think I’ll be willing to open another program just to read the message.

It seems that whoever puts together Wingspan is at least listening to my prayers.


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Who Decides On Award Winners?

It was announced yesterday that Mike Lipscomb would receive the James Pinckney Kinard and Lee Wicker Kinard Award for Excellence in Teaching, which goes to a professor who has shown a dedication to teaching and is well liked by faculty and students.

Um,… what?


Campus Police Arriving Closer to Sane

We emailed Mr. Jack Allen (a parking enforcement officer) and Mr. Frank Zebedis (chief of Winthrop Police) to see if they had something to say about this post. Only Chief Zebedis wrote back to us, but there is no way to tell if the two spoke and decided to only have one person send an e-mail or if Mr. Allen decided for whatever reason on his own not to respond.


A Note To Cheaters

If you’re good enough to get away with having your notes on the floor in the front of the classroom during a final exam, then the least you can do is remember to take them with you.

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Campus Police Gone Crazy

I’ll admit, we were already on Christmas Break. But after coming into my room and seeing this e-mail, something had to be written.

So today I had to call campus police to jump my car after my battery died. The guy who came to jump my car informed me that my car was not registered with campus police and I could be fined $75 just for driving on campus. I told him that I don’t need to park on campus because I live very close and usually walk to class. He said the registration was not for parking, it was just for driving. I was thinking registering my vehicle meant that I just have to fill out some form until he assured me, “You could do it right now and since the semester’s almost over it should only cost you about $40.”

I told him that was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard and told him I would not be bringing my car on campus anymore.


What Do You Want in Winthrop Sucks?

With the end of the semester approaching and exams now soon enough for the average student to worry about them comes the end of a semester of Winthrop Sucks.

This semester for us has been the laying of a foundation for things to come. We’ve hit big stories and flops that you can measure about any way you want. We’ve had stories where Winthrop seemed to do as we asked, and where nothing happened. Yes, when Winthrop seemed to listen it was probably just a coincidence. But maybe not.

The question now is, where would you like Winthrop Sucks to focus in the future? Is there a particular type of story you want to see more of? Is there a type that we should just never do again?

Please let us know in the comments. And remember: you might not write Winthrop Sucks, but you do have a big influence on what happens on it.

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Art Classes for Not Art Kids

We here at Winthrop Sucks have heard comments from people suggesting that we hate Winthrop, mostly stemming from the fact that we haven’t really had any positive articles here. And while this one might not be seen as 100% positive by our critics, they will have to admit that it isn’t 100% negative either.

Winthrop is an art school, albeit one that has other areas of study as well. Despite the fact that it started as a teacher school and is still about the best in the country in that program, it’s an art school. Student art can be seen all around campus, and is usually much better than what the school pays for (ie that new fountain). The only problem is that to take any of the art classes, you have to either be an art major or have really good connections.


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Some Interesting E-mails

It seems that last week’s articles outlining how Cafe Cash isn’t really tax free ruffled a few feathers (as seen here, here, and here). Looks like Winthrop doesn’t want to have anything to do with this little blog. We here at Winthrop Sucks think that is a shame. We realize that the name implies that we don’t like Winthrop, and that makes perfect sense. What doesn’t is some emails that we received last week.


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